About JYX

Brand Story: The Musical Dream of JYX

In this fast-paced era, everyone yearns to find their own voice. At Jia Yu Xiang (HK) International Electronics CO., Limited (JYX), we are committed to the relentless pursuit of technology and quality. Led by CEO John Smith, our team strives to provide music and singing enthusiasts with the best possible experience.

CEO-John Smith

Brand Background and History
The story of JYX began with a young man passionate about music—John Smith. He dreamed that everyone could enjoy singing anytime, anywhere. Through years of effort and perseverance, he and his team turned this dream into reality. Today, JYX boasts around 800 employees, including factory assembly line personnel, technical developers, purchasing personnel, sales personnel, e-commerce operators, and management staff.

Our Team

Production Staff
Technical R&D personnel
Operations Personnel
User Experience

The Johnson family home is always filled with laughter and songs. Every weekend, the family gathers in the living room, picks up the JYX karaoke machine, and enjoys a family concert. Dad loves singing classic rock anthems, Mom is a fan of pop hits, and their two children, Alex and Lily, each have their own favorite tunes. Alex enjoys belting out energetic songs, while Lily shines with her soulful ballads. The HD stereo sound and wireless microphones of the JYX karaoke machine allow everyone to showcase their singing talents. Every song and every laugh are beautiful memories brought by JYX.
User Experience

In a serene outdoor setting, a group of friends gathered and felt the atmosphere was dull and awkward. Then, Tom brought out a vibrant karaoke machine, instantly enlivening the mood. As music filled the air, friends sang, danced, and cheered, turning the night into a joyful celebration. The karaoke machine became the life of the party, connecting hearts and creating unforgettable memories under the starry sky.
Real Cases and Testimonials
Our products are sold worldwide, earning the trust and praise of countless customers. Users in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China all use and highly rate JYX products. Our strict management system and excellent customer service system ensure that every customer enjoys the best service experience.
Social Responsibility and Giving Back

JYX is dedicated to product quality, user experience, and social responsibility. Through environmental and charitable efforts, we give back to society. Our energy-efficient entertainment technologies help save power and money, reducing our environmental footprint. We also demonstrate social value through public welfare activities and community services.