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JYX K37 Lavalier Microphones with noise cancellation
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JYX K37 Lavalier Microphones with 100 ft wireless range
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JYX K37 Wireless Lavalier Microphones for iPhone

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JYX D17 Lapel Microphones offer noise cancellation, real-time auto-sync, and 2.4G signal transmission for pristine sound quality even in noisy environments. These wireless lavalier mic are iOS-compatible and feature easy plug-and-play setup. 12-hour battery life and an impressive 100ft wireless range make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor recording.
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2 x Lavalier mics

1 x Receiver for IOS

2 x Charging cable(USB C)

2 x Sponge windscreens

1 x Foam store case

1 x user manual




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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Exceptional Performance and Seamless Connectivity!

As an avid content creator, I am always on the lookout for reliable and high-quality recording equipment. The JAUYXIAN K37 Lavalier Lapel microphones have exceeded my expectations in every way. Let me share my experience with these wireless mics, highlighting their impressive features, benefits, and a few considerations.

One of the standout features of these mics is the enhanced noise cancellation technology. Built with advanced noise cancellation and 2.4GHz transmission technology, they effectively eliminate background noise and ensure crystal-clear audio recordings. Equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone and a high-density spray-proof sponge, these mics capture even the finest details, regardless of the surrounding noise levels. Whether I'm recording in a crowded environment or outdoors, the JAUYXIAN K37 mics consistently deliver exceptional audio quality.

Setting up these wireless lavalier mics is an absolute breeze. With their plug-and-play functionality, I can focus on my content instead of dealing with complex configurations or tangled wires. Connecting the receiver to my recording device and attaching the transmitters is all it takes to enjoy seamless and reliable wireless performance. The user-friendly design allows me to start recording in no time, streamlining my workflow and maximizing productivity.

What truly sets these mics apart is their compatibility with iOS devices. As an Apple user, I appreciate the convenience of effortlessly connecting these mics to my iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. Whether I'm conducting interviews, creating video content, or delivering presentations, the JAUYXIAN K37 mics ensure hassle-free integration with the Apple ecosystem. They expand my reach and enable me to share my message effectively with my audience, enhancing the overall impact of my content.

Unleashing unrestricted movement is another significant advantage of these wireless lavalier mics. With an impressive transmission distance of 100FT, I can move freely on stage, explore the room, or conduct interviews without being tethered by cables. The seamless connectivity and pristine sound quality remain intact even at a considerable distance. This extensive range allows me to capture every word and emotion, ensuring that my message reaches every corner of the room. The unparalleled reach of these wireless mics truly elevates my performance and engages my audience effectively.

Battery life is always a concern when it comes to wireless devices, but the JAUYXIAN K37 mics have truly impressed me. With a remarkable 10 hours of continuous working time, I can unleash my creativity without worrying about running out of power. Whether I'm recording an entire event, conducting extensive interviews, or shooting lengthy videos, these mics faithfully accompany me throughout the process. Their reliable wireless technology keeps me focused on my craft, ensuring that I never miss a beat.

While these mics offer exceptional performance, it's worth noting that their effectiveness can be influenced by external factors such as distance and potential interference. Ensuring a clear line of sight between the transmitters and the receiver is essential for optimal performance. Additionally, understanding the range limitations and adjusting expectations accordingly will result in the best recording experience.

In conclusion, the JAUYXIAN K37 Lavalier Lapel microphones have become an indispensable part of my recording setup. Their advanced features, seamless connectivity, and compatibility with iOS devices make them a top choice for content creators, journalists, and educators alike. With enhanced noise cancellation, unparalleled transmission distance, and extended battery life, these mics empower me to unleash my creativity and capture every moment with precision. I highly recommend the JAUYXIAN K37 mics to anyone seeking exceptional performance and reliable wireless recording capabilities. Elevate your recordings and engage your audience like never before with these remarkable wireless lavalier mics!

J. Warren
Standard Lavalier

Seems like a standard Lavalier. I like the design and think its nice.

Seems straightforward to use. Plug it into your phone and youre pretty much set. Phone takes it from there.

I like the clip for your shirt and attaching the microphone. Seems comparable to other lavalier Ive received before

Overall I think their nice

Kimberly Lavon

The sound quality is perfection. The look and fit are fantastic and the range amazing. Highly recommend!!!

Jillian M Barger
good quality

the price was good for the product and they connect so well to my phone. the are just small enough to not look weird. and the little green light on the front is not noticeable to anyone if they don't look for it. the appearance looks like a very clean mini microphone. and they are perfect for anyone.

Exactly what I needed for my vlog.

The microphone is easy to set up and work as described. I use it to record my voice and the sound of my guitar for my YouTube channel. Both microphones included work well. It fell on the ground a couple of time (I am messy! ) but nothing bad happen . It is a solid product . I recommend it .