JYX D16T Karaoke Machine with Dual Microphones and Dazzling Lights
JYX D16T karaoke machine with two 20W powerful sound and two 3 inches subwoofers
Waterproof speaker-JYX D16T karaoke speaker
JYX D16T karaoke machine with wireless microphones with 50 ft connection distance
JYX D16T karaoke machine with Bluetooth, AUX in, TF card, USB, TWS Mode and remote control
JYX D16T portable karaoke speaker - front view
JYX D16T portable karaoke speaker - top view
JYX D16T portable karaoke speaker - back view
JYX D16T portable karaoke speaker - side view
JYX D16T portable karaoke speaker - side view
JYX D16T portable karaoke speaker with two wireless microphones
JYX D16 portable karaoke speaker with dynamic light show

JYX D16T Waterproof Karaoke Speaker With Wireless Microphones

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JYX-D16T is the perfect addition to any party, gathering, or event. With its portable and compact design and IPX5 waterproof rating, you can take it anywhere and sing in any weather condition. Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ or singing in the shower, this karaoke machine is the perfect companion.
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2 Mics
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Regular price $98.99 Sale price$78.99
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4.41 pounds


14.6 x 5.5 x 7.1 inches


4500 mAh

Play Time

8 to 10 hours

Output Power

People having karaoke party with JYX D16T karaoke machine with wireless microphones
People having karaoke party with JYX D16T karaoke machine with wireless microphones

Karaoke On-the-Go

Experience the freedom of portable karaoke with the JYX D16T. Weighing in at just 4 pounds, this compact powerhouse is designed to be your musical companion on the go.
Three people gathering with two JYX D16T karaoke speakers
People having karaoke party with JYX D16T karaoke machine with wireless microphones

Bass-Boosted Brilliance

With the dual 3-inch subwoofers, every beat, every rhythm, and every note takes on a new level of intensity. Feel the vibrations and immerse yourself in the music as the JYX D16T brings your favorite songs to life with its exceptional low-frequency performance.
JYX D16T karaoke speaker with 6 different light modes
JYX D16T karaoke speaker with 6 different light modes

Dazzling Light Show

Brighten your nights with eye-catching colors synced to the beat of your favorite songs. With multiple light modes to choose, you can match your mood by customizing the light and turn up the party vibe.
Pool Party with JYX D16T Waterproof Karaoke Machine
Pool Party with JYX D16T Waterproof Karaoke Machine

IP65 WaterProof

Rugged, durable design protects against water, sand, and dust, perfect for outdoor adventures. you can take it anywhere and sing in any weather condition.

What's More?

JYX D16T Karaoke Speaker with Dual Diaphragms for Enhanced Bass
Dual Diaphragms for Enhanced Bass
Enjoy enhanced stereo sound by connecting two JYX T9 karaoke speakers with the latest TWS function via Bluetooth to create your own powerful PA System. Take your events and karaoke sessions to the next level with the synchronized speakers that deliver rich, dynamic sound.
Captivating Circle Lights
LED lights pulse with the beat of your music, adding excitement to your listening experience. Multiple pattern options available.
JYX D16T portable karaoke machine with lights
JYX D16T portable karaoke machine with remote control
Effortless Control
The JYX D16T Karaoke Machine puts essential functions at your fingertips. Easily adjust volume, skip tracks, and switch modes with seamless control.
  • 1 x JYX D16T Speaker
  • 2 x Wireless Microphones(D16T)
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Aux-in Cable
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x User Manual




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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Completely blown away!!!

Had different speakers including Bose with me and wanted to buy a speaker that I can carry out outdoors and not worry that it might get wet in rain and looks like I found the right one. First look of the speaker is it's cute and looks ready for a party :). The 40W output along with a huge bass make me feel like it a big sub woofer. Awesome sound and clarity. Was able to easily connect on mobile and to my Roku TV . Not to forget it comes with an easy to operate remote, so that you don't need to be with the speaker to operate it.


I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and was super surprised at the quality on it!! Will be ordering again.

Crazy good!!

This speaker is amazing and far exceeded our expectations! First of all we turned it on and were amazed with the sound FX, lol it was so cool to even feel the sound. Thats what we added a video of. The RBG lights are also great quality, they arent glossy and make really cool patterns. Very good quality for sure. Also this has a microphone jack in it and SD card insert(not included). It does have rubber feet and sits at a tilted angle if you want. My o Lu complaint is that there is a white blinking light that is constantly on and is inside the speaker cover grate so you cant just cover it with tape. Its located at the top of the speaker grill dead center between the front speakers, like above the logo that is shown in the pictures. I was bummed out about this because i wanted to cover them but I didnt want to risk it not being able to go back together like stock after removing the grill to access it. And honestly, I barely even think about it anymore and doesnt irritate me because I am so much more overall pleased with this speaker, and that doesnt happen very often for me with products, I usually end up customizing what I want them to be like. Anyways, I researched speakers for a few weeks before finally purchasing and I am thoroughly satisfied. I almost forgot the most important part! Sound quality: Im no audio technician, but it is very loud and has great balance of bass and clarity. I cant testify to the battery life because it hasnt died or run out yet, so i guess its good. I just plug it in to charge it when Im done using it for a few hours

Amazing sound quality. Can get very loud.

I love that this speaker is portable and easy access. The battery life is awesome, and the speaker itself is not to heavy. We use this for when friends come over, and social gatherings. Very fun nights!!

Crissy A.
Awesome Bluetooth Speaker!

My whole family loves this speaker! It is perfect size, not too big and not too small. It has great sound and easy to use anywhere! Would definitely Recommend!