JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights
JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights
JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights
JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights
JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights
JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights

JYX D15 Karaoke Machine for Children with Projector Lights

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JYX D15 is a portable karaoke machine for kids featuring a fun cartoon character design, perfect for kids. Its lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry around. With microphone holders on both sides of the speaker, it can hold two microphones for duets and group performances. This karaoke machine is not only a great entertainment option but also a creative and unique gift for children.
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2.38 pounds


5.5 x 5.4 x 10.9 inches


2000 mAh

Play Time

12 hours

Number of Mics


Diverse Audio Input Options

The audio system features multiple stream input options including Bluetooth, SD card , and USB, allowing you to easily connect and enjoy your favorite music from various devices.

Perfect Gifts For Kids

Watch their faces light up as they hear their voices amplified through the speakers, transforming any space into a stage for their dreams to come alive. The JYX Kids Karaoke Machine is the ultimate gift that will provide endless hours of fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories for your little shining star.

Instrument Compatibility

This remarkable system not only lets them sing their hearts out but also enables them to connect their favorite instruments, transforming their performance into an extraordinary jamming session.

Dazzling Color Show

The color changing light ball creates a dynamic and immersive atmosphere, turning any space into a dazzling stage. Watch as your child's face lights up with excitement as they become the center of attention, surrounded by an enchanting kaleidoscope of lights.

What's More?

Large Capacity
Experience uninterrupted music with our speaker! Boasting a massive 4500mAh battery, it delivers an incredible 12-hour playtime on a single charge.
Multiple Connection
Our karaoke set connects via TF/SD card, USB, and AUX-in, accommodating various devices. It also includes a 3.5mm aux jack for guitar/TV connection.
Remote Control
Get rid of the distance, adjust your music and volume freely. With the included remote controller, you can control any function of the speaker.
Adjustable Holder
Features adjustable mic holders on both sides, securely accommodating 2 microphones. When not in use, the holders retract for a sleek look.




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